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Phoodle is a Wordle-style game in which you must guess a five-letter word in six attempts. It's designed to function similarly to the general word game Wordle, allowing foodies to exercise their brains while also flexing their food-related vocabularies. It's ideal for all cooks, wait staff, and foodies.


The game works similarly to Wordle, with the goal of guessing a five-letter word in six attempts or less. The game will indicate whether and where the letters in the word you guess exist in the solution with a green or yellow square.


Begin with the same word every time.

Fans of the word game Phoodle can benefit from Wordle's method of starting each sentence with the same word. Choose a word with three different vowels, such as 'anise' or 'juice,' to increase your chances of correctly guessing the next turn.

Use new words whenever possible.

Although it may not be the best Phoodle strategy, adding a new word to your vocabulary keeps your vocabulary active and may help you improve your Phoodle skills in the long run. Starting with the same word each time may produce faster results in the short term, but the goal of the game is to show off your word range and keep your mind fresh.

Make a different guess for your second guess.

The more you can vary your guessing, the better your chances of success. Phoodle is all about letting go. Don't forget to alternate the consonants and vowels.

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