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BTS Wordle

BTS Wordle

You have to solve a five-letter word in the interesting game BTS Wordle if you love BTS and word games.


You may play the wordle game all day long. In this game, you must correctly name a k-pop band in six tries. Compared to the original wordle, the wordle is more challenging. We'll demonstrate how to play the music wordle and provide advice on how to become better at it.

The goal of the Bts wordle is to locate a Bts-related item in six tries. You must thus successfully complete the sixth try.



You can correctly identify the Taylorle in 6 tries.
The color of the tile will change after each guess to show how close you were to the word.
A green column indicates that there is a match.
There is a partial match for the mystery Word, as shown by the position column being highlighted in yellow.
The letter grey is not a match.

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