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With the help of the color box's directions, you must correctly identify a three-letter word within three chances in the intriguing word game Thirdle.

Thirdle's instructions

As soon as you begin playing Thirdle, you won't be able to see the keyword you need to look for. Take the first turn at guessing the word. Press the Enter key after selecting the letters with the buttons at the bottom of your screen. The letters' placement in relation to the hidden words will determine the color you should choose for them. When a letter is green, it means that it is in the right place in relation to the search query. The letter from the secret word is still present but is highlighted in red. For letters that are not included in the word to be deciphered, black will be utilized.



Then, one of the following three colors will be applied to the letters:

The letter is in the proper location if it is BLUE.

If a letter is highlighted in red, it was input incorrectly but is still part of your response.

BLACK denotes that this letter is excluded from the solution.

To receive a hint at any time during the game, click the HINT button.


You will score 100 points if your initial estimate is correct.

On your second turn, if your prediction is accurate, you will score 75 points.

On your third turn, if your prediction is accurate, you will score 50 points.

You will score 25 points if you correctly guess the word.

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