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Foodle is an interesting puzzle-word game inspired by Wordle in which you need to guess all words related to food correctly.

Instructions for Foodle

Before you begin, make sure everyone has a timer.
The questioner is the first to speak, so describe the dish like you would when you were interviewing a suspect.
The answerer then guesses. - The questioner receives their points if the answerer correctly guesses. If they did not get it right, they will still receive their points.
Round 2 is the exact same except that the roles are reversed.

Rules for Success

Now that you know the basics of Foodle, here are some tips to help you win the game and get some real points. - Think about what the other person is going through. Think about what they might try to figure out. What words would they use? What would they challenge? - If you are the one talking about the food, start with "I am" or "This is." This will make it easier to explain. If you are trying to figure out what the food is, try to describe it without using any of the words the person describing it used. Good luck! Get ready to have some fun with food words!
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