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Chessle is a fun puzzle game with a chess theme. You have to choose an opening and look at the pretty color.

How to play the game Chessle

This simple puzzle has gone viral because it is easy and you can only try it 6 times per day. Chessle Online is an online game where you try to guess words without installing or downloading anything. Chessle uses a grid system that makes you focus on guessing the first moves in a game of chess.



You just have to pick a hole to go through and then look at the pretty colors. You can experience Normal Mode (3 moves per side) or Expert Mode (5 moves per side) to have fun with this game. There are 6 possible answers, and a new Chessle will be made every day at 12 AM PST.

Green on Nf3 means that Nf3 was played on this move (White on move 2).
Yellow on d4 means that either white or black was played on d4, but not at that spot (White on move 1).
Grey on d5 explains that white or black played d5.
The words in the text should be taken literally. Ne5 is not the same thing as Nxe5.
There are 6 ways to do it.

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