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Tridle is a great word game that was based on the most popular puzzle game, Wordle. To pass the challenge, you have to figure out the right word.


This is a daily game that can only be played once each day. We've already tried it, and we're excited to play it again tomorrow with our friends to solve the word daily game.

Tridle is a game that is similar to Josh Wardle's Wordle. It lets you solve three puzzles at the same time (Triple Wordle). It was also inspired by Quordle and Dordle, but it has three words instead of two or four. Tridle is an online game that lets anyone guess words. The player will have to come up with five letters that make sense. You have 8 tries or less to solve three different grids. Each of the three secret words has a different grid that works perfectly.


1) Type in your best guess and press the "Enter" key.
2) The game will tell you how well you guessed each puzzle on its own. It will turn green if any letter is in the right place. If you put them in the wrong place, they will turn orange. They turn black if they don't show up in the word.
3. Guess again using the previous words as clues
4) Keep going until you get all the words right or until you've tried 8 times.
5) You can tell other people about your results.
6) You can play as much as you want or not at all.

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