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You must correctly guess a word with five letters within six trials in the fantastic word game Sedecordle, which is similar to Octordle and Dordle.


You will have the option of daily or free service. New players can use the free play mode to understand the game's rules more thoroughly and more quickly. For daily puzzles, you can select daily mode.
Enter the letters of your guess into the box provided to see the outcome. The hue of the letters will reveal the precise location of the letter.
If a cell becomes green, it has been placed correctly and contains the secret words. The hidden words are where it is if the cell turns yellow, not where it should be. Incorrectly defined letters won't cause the color to change.


The I is where it should be in the upper left word where the M and E should be.
The M is where it should be, whereas the O is misplaced.
You have 21 attempts to locate the 16 words necessary to finish the quest.
Words that are invalid will be highlighted in red.
You will receive a list of 21 predictions.



In 21 tries, you can correctly guess all 16 words.

A proper 5-letter word must be included in each guess.

Press the Enter key to submit.

With each guess, the color of the tile will change to show how close you were to the word.

The correct word and location for the blue letter are both present.

Although it is in a word, the yellow letter is not where it should be.

The back-letters are missing from the word.

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