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Redactle is a great word puzzle game where you have to find words on a phrase board at the same time to finish the document.


Redactle is a simple word game where you have to figure out the top-secret redaction codes of other players to move forward. To do this, you have to guess the letters and then put them together with word fragments or blank spaces from other players to make words. Keep reading for more information or to watch the video.

This is a quick and easy party game for three to six people. It takes about 30 minutes to do. Each player gets a number of cards with letter combinations, like "V+ ER," and a card with secret suppression codes (a hidden phrase). Red and blue are the two teams. You can ask another player to give you one of their letter cards or one of yours. Next, you will show your redaction code to see if you and they used the same word in your answer. If it is, you put a "X" next to it. If not, you keep guessing until you find it or run out of time. The team that wins is the one that breaks all of its competitors' codes first.



Each guess can only be one word long.
Most punctuation is shown on the article page by itself. Redactle sometimes lets some punctuation through, which is then redacted.
No matter what case is used, guesses can be made. The letters (e.u., etc.) that have diacritics are not thought of as having diacritics.
When you press Shift+Enter, your guess will be automatically made singular or plural. Some extreme cases (e.g. There are some edge cases, like guessing a made-up word like "asdf," that will lead to guesses that don't make sense.
There will be problems with the way it looks and how it's punctuated. These are what happened when some parts and characters were taken out of the original Wikipedia article.
A lot of common words are already shown for your convenience. This list has most of the prepositions in English. Your score doesn't count these words.
See the Settings menu for options on how to set things up.

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