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After Wordle, a great word puzzle game called Quardle came out. You have a certain number of tries to pass the daily challenge.

How to play

In "today's challenge" mode, you can play this daily game once a day. In "infinite challenge" mode, you can play it as many times as you want. We'll teach you how to play Quardle and how to improve at it.

Wordle puzzles can be quite simple. This means that you have to guess about the grid. You can share the answer to this puzzle on social media when you figure it out. Tell all the people you know!

Once a player has played the game of the day, they can't play it again. If you want to know how to play unlimited crosswordle, keep reading.

This word game is all about putting words together. Each player in this game gets four letters (A, B, C, or D) to use. Each player gets a turn making words with the four letters. Each player must use all four letters to finish their turn. On their next turn, a player can't use a word they made on their previous turn.



You can guess nine times out of four words.
Each player gets a coloring tile that looks like a Wordle.
Green means the letter and place are correct.
The right letter is yellow, but not where it should be.
Grey is the wrong letter.

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