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Cross Wordle

Cross Wordle

Cross Wordle is an interesting game based on Wordle in which you have as many tries as you need to solve all the puzzles.


How Cross Wordle works is as follows: At the bottom, you will find a key word. At the top, there are colored boxes with letters that will help you find words. Both the original color and Green and Yellow are in these color boxes. Similar to wordle, the color green means that the character is the same as another character in the same row of the given word. Yellow means that the character is not in the same row as the others, but it can be found in the given term. The character with its original color is the one that is not in the last row. The game will put a red triangle next to invalid characters to let you know that they are there. If you click on the triangle, you can find and fix any mistakes. It also keeps your vocabulary fresh. Cross Wordle is now available so you don't miss any of the interesting sentences!


Each tile's color tells you how it fits with the last row of the grid:
The green letter matches the last row perfectly.
Even though the letters in the last row are yellow, they are in a different column.
There isn't a grey letter in the last row.
Only the right number of tiles will be colored for letters that are repeated, going from left to right in order of exact matches.
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