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Artle is a great puzzle game that is perfect for people who love art and artists. Your goal is to figure out who painted each picture.

How to do it for Artle

Artle is a puzzle for people who like to think. This game will see how much you know about well-known artists. You need to look at the piece of art and figure out who made it. You can find the right answer in four ways. These pictures are from the National Gallery of Art and show a wide range of artworks.



First, a piece of art will appear on your screen. You can look at a painting, a photo, or a statue. People can figure out who made it. Type the name of an artist into the search box and then pick them from the list of results.
You can guess the artist four times.
Red Cross: Your answer was wrong.
Every time you get an answer wrong, the artist gives you another piece of art to help you. Then, on your last try, you will see four pieces of art by the artist.
Don't give up if you can't figure out who made the song. Artle is a great way to learn about famous artists, practice your art, and improve your skills as an artist.

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